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Over the past 5 years we have seen the need to increase interactions among the beneficiaries and to expose them to different skills and experiences. The Kenyatta Trust invests in its scholars so that they are trained and practice skills enhancing their survival within their communities: these include internal skills such as courage, discipline and emotional mastery. In line with this initiative we hold a six-day camp at least twice a year for our beneficiaries, now dubbed The Janjaruka Camp. The camp is aimed at exposing the beneficiaries to different skills and experiences.

Having countywide representation at The Kenyatta Trust is crucial for us as it enables our beneficiaries to tackle issues such as tribalism and corruption that plague our country. During the camp our students are exposed to different speakers talking on various topics all geared at training them in "The Kenyatta Trust way".


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Susan Kemutai
3rd Year Student, Kabarak University.

"The one week camp took place at The African Bible on the Ground in Nanyuki, Laikipia County. This camp brought together students from all the 47counties in Kenya. It was a great educational camp where students were taught about building a brighter future. We were reminded that Kenya belongs to each and everyone of us as individuals and it’s our responsibility to make it a better place. In addition to this we were taught that moving towards realizing our personal Kenyan dream requires us to make wise choices, believe in ourselves, have faith that we can make it and most importantly learn how to cope with challenges because the road to success is not smooth. Father Cyril also talked about self-esteem and emphasized that “you are who you think you are” and that each and every one of us should have high and positive self-esteem. The camp was full of interactive activities such as morning exercises, the singing of traditional songs and playing new games among other activities. During this camp period the younger students shared ideas, experiences and stories with each other. One of the core values of The Kenyatta Trust is SERVICE and in line with this the first and second form students did some good work during this session as their community service made the place look awesome and better than we found it. At the end of the session there was the issuance of certificates and presents by The Kenyatta Trust Director, Nyokabi Kenyatta Muthama, to those students who did well in school. This was an awesome way of appreciation. I also cannot forget to applaud our chefs who cooked delicious food for the entire groups present during the camp. Thanks also to The Kenyatta Trust for organizing such a great camp."