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A Glance at Lilian Gacheri's Story:

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Lilian Gacheri

I joined the Kenyatta Trust while in form three on 6th July 2013, from that day forward my life has never been the same. Being selected to join The Kenyatta Trust let me know there was hope for a brighter tomorrow. When the Kenyatta trust found me I was in the process of dropping out of school, not by choice but because of financial problems. But by Gods grace through The Kenyatta Trust I was fully supported in completing my secondary education and I am still receiving support from the Trust as I pursue a Diploma in Agriculture.

In addition to all this the Trust has enabled me to have personal awareness through counseling and mentorship which has led me to think deeper about life and the consequences of my actions. One of the greatest skills I have acquired is better communication skills, through the Janjaruka camps. Communication was once my weakness but through The Kenyatta Trust I have been able to transform it into strength. This experience has really helped not only me, but also my family at large as I am able to open up and share which in turn has increased my self-confidence. I am now a positive example for my community and a positive role model to my siblings. I never imagined that I could be a role model to anybody but The Kenyatta Trust has made this possible. During the 17-day Outward Bound training course in Oloitoktok I was able to challenge my self-imposed boundaries and turn them into assets. The training left a mark on my life, which makes me believe that I have a greater purpose. The Kenyatta Trust core values have really molded me e.g. core value number three; integrity. I feel privileged and humbled that I have been given an opportunity to achieve the very best, a chance that could have been given to someone else. As I continue to learn I say it’s all about God through the Kenyatta Trust. Thank you very much Kenyatta Trust, may God bless you. THANK YOU."