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H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta

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From the Founders pen.

"For a long time I battled with the drop out rate of school students in my constituency and the country at large. I believe that Kenya’s diversity is one of our greatest strengths. It leads to a dynamic and vibrant society that is fuelled by a constant exchange of ideas. Within our diverse nation, we must be united. United under the same dream of building a better Kenya. When we stand united, we stand stronger. Through The Kenyatta Trust we can achieve our vision of transforming lives with infinite possibilities and opportunities for all our beneficiaries. As I have severally said I stand alongside the beneficiaries of The Kenyatta Trust, placing my belief with theirs, and saying I too still believe in the promise of a better Kenya. And I know that this promise will come to pass when we rise together, speak together, voice our collective vision, live and work alongside one another in order to build this nation on the strong foundation of unity for our future prosperity. As the founder of The Kenyatta Trust, I believe in the possibility of a stronger, more prosperous Kenya that has room for all our hopes and aspirations. The opportunities awarded to our beneficiaries are endless and my pledge is to continuously support and uplift the lives of all our beneficiaries, one family at a time"