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Letter from our Director's pen.

"After completing my degree in International Relations and Politics I found myself constantly being led by a desire to see that Kenyan children continue to receive quality education after completing primary school. As a director of The Kenyatta Trust I have committed to transforming the lives of the beneficiaries not only through education but through social empowerment, skills building and mentorship. Through The Kenyatta Trust we plan to bring up children who are not only equipped with the academic know-how but are well rounded in all aspects of life. It is my hope that we are able to raise a generation of leaders who inspire others not only with their words but by their everyday actions.

We strive to ensure that our core values; service, leadership, integrity, justice and peace become part of our students DNA and in turn they will eventually teach the importance of these values to their own families when the time comes. We continue to provide support to these young leaders because we know that every individual that forms The Kenyatta Trust family will not only positively impact our society but will have a story to share with their own children. The story of hope, of possibility and of change. Most importantly we know that when we speak of the promise that is a better Kenya our students will have helped form part of this vision."