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Neighbourhood Economic Empowerment

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Neighbourhood Economic Empowerment defines the process of assisting and building the capacity of the parents/guardians of our beneficiaries to mobilise and manage resources in order to enable their household to meet their basic needs and become self sufficient.

We work with the sub county officers and members of the local community to determine the most viable projects in the particular area and ascertain the barriers that may have prevented these projects from being implemented previously. So far we have introduced four projects; poultry rearing, rabbit husbandry, goat farming and tissue culture banana production. Beneficiary families select the project that they would like to take on, we then provide continuous trainings on each of these projects and the seed capital required to begin the project. In order to promote a culture of ownership and accountability we ensure that our families also provide some necessary inputs needed to begin the projects and through their record keeping we can monitor the success of the project.